Your Security. Our Priority: Trusted Locksmith Experts!
At Your Request 24/7 in 25 Minutes

Your Security. Our Priority: Trusted Locksmith Experts!
At Your Request 24/7 in 25 Minutes

Your Security. Our Priority:
Trusted Locksmith Experts!
At Your Request 24/7 in 25 Minutes

Common Locksmith Scams and How to Avoid Them in London

While the locksmith industry plays a crucial role in ensuring the security of our homes and businesses, it is not immune to scams. Unscrupulous individuals may take advantage of emergency lockout situations, overcharge for services, or employ unauthorized methods to gain entry. To protect yourself from locksmith scams in London, it’s essential to be aware of common scams and know how to avoid them.


Some dishonest locksmiths may quote a low price over the phone but inflate the price significantly once they arrive on-site. To avoid this, ask for a clear estimate that includes all potential fees before any work begins. If the locksmith refuses to provide an upfront estimate or tries to charge exorbitant prices, consider seeking services elsewhere.

Unauthorized Methods:

Unlicensed locksmiths or scammers may resort to destructive methods, such as drilling or breaking locks, even when unnecessary. Reputable locksmiths strive to use non-destructive techniques first and resort to destructive methods only as a last resort. If a locksmith suggests drilling or breaking your lock without proper justification, be cautious and seek a second opinion.


Some scammers advertise incredibly low prices to attract customers, only to increase the price substantially once the work is underway. They may claim that additional services or parts are needed, which were not disclosed initially. To avoid falling for this scam, ensure that you have a clear understanding of the price and scope of work before authorizing any locksmith services.

False Accreditation:

Scammers may falsely claim to be affiliated with reputable locksmith associations or display fake credentials. To verify a locksmith’s legitimacy, ask for their license number and cross-reference it with the appropriate licensing authorities in London. Additionally, check for reviews and recommendations from trusted sources to ensure the locksmith’s reputation.

Emergency Lockout Scams:

In emergency lockout situations, scammers may advertise under multiple names and phone numbers to appear as different companies. They often prey on vulnerable individuals who require immediate assistance. It’s crucial to research and identify a reputable locksmith before an emergency occurs. Keep the contact information of a trusted locksmith on hand to avoid falling victim to emergency lockout scams.

By staying vigilant and taking the necessary precautions, you can protect yourself from locksmith scams in London. Always choose licensed locksmiths, verify credentials, ask for upfront estimates, and rely on reputable sources for recommendations.

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